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Our team, based on more then 40 years of experience in scientific research in polymer technology, tooling and product development, first recognized the value of additive technologies in the development of new products from very early on.

For the last 20 years, we has been intensively exploring the use of additive production for various industries ranging from design to medicine. At the request of neurosurgeons to solve the problem of making large and geometrically complex implants for cranioplasty made from bone cement, we have developed our methods of constructing and making 3D-printed molds based on the patient CT or MR scan.

Through our research, we have been able to find the most accurate manufacturing technology and materials that enable surgeons to easily create the implants during surgery. By using our knowledge of mold constructing, we have devised a new method adapted to the additive production. That has enabled us to make geometrically very demanding implants fully tailored to the patients' needs.

By using this method so far, we have created 15 personalized implants for cranioplasty, total replacement and reconstruction of cervical vertebrae and reconstruction of half of the mandible.

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We are a leader in the development and additive production of personalised polymer-based medical products, using existing and developing new biocompatible polymer materials suitable for additive production to develop new medical products that improve patient's quality of life.


We aim to improve patient quality of life and treatment success through the knowledge and technology built into our personalised products, and to provide medical staff with improved intervention preparation and planning by maximising our product's simplicity of use, shortening the time required while ensuring the best possible outcome and positive economic impact. Satisfaction with our products among medical staff and patients provides benefit to owners, medical professionals and society as a whole.